Who are we

Human Centric Leadership

Passionate entrepreneurs, marketing strategists and MBA lecturers. Over 10 years of hands-on experience working with global clients, SMEs and startups. Successful track-record of building tangible marketing strategies that give results:


Matteo Rinaldi
& Luca Bertocci


Strategic Consulting

Double to triple digit growth for

Success Cases

beer brands in

Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, Portugal and Ukraine

e-commerce platforms in

Central-Eastern European

pharma brands in

Italy, Poland, Russia and Czech Republic

brick-and-mortar brands in

Romania, Hungary, Poland and Portugal

dermo-cosmetics brands in


FMCG brands in

Turkey, Chile, West Africa and South Africa

General aviation brands in

over 65 countries

Football clubs in

Italy, Serie A


Human Centric Approach

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Worked with 50+ of the best companies in the world


Human Insight Specialized Marketing Agency

Human Centric Segmentation

Using Big Data we segment people based on attitudes, lifestyle and consumption behavior.

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Brand Strategies

The greater the emotional connection between a brand and customer, the more powerful the relationship.

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Marketing Plans

What can’t be measured will not happen. A clear, simple plan is the basis for success.

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Market Research

We are obsessed with discovering the WHY that drives people’s behavior.

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Marketing Training

Hands-on, exciting trainings aimed to inspire you to think human-centric and achieve tangible results.

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Digital Strategies

We will help you focusing on the relevant channels by creating an emotional digital communication that sells.

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In-Store Experience

It takes 3-5 seconds for a shopper to decide. We are experts in making sure purchase happens.

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