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Companies often look at their customers only from a category perspective. However, the most valuable insights can come out only by digging deeper by understanding:

  • Their demography and geography
  • Products and brands consumption
  • Attitude towards media

We are a data-driven agency and we believe in the power of high-quality data feeding impactful strategies. Besides classic research methods we also follow more unconventional practices:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Shop along
  • Gaming (online and offline)

People buy for emotional reasons and then they tend to justify their purchases using their rationality. We create brands that are:

  • Mix of functional and emotional benefits
  • Purposeful
  • Defendable

We like to say that brands are actors while the shelf is the stage where they perform. Thus, the setting is a very important aspect of any play. We are experts in creating engaging store experiences that maximize sales, through:

  • Development of new store concept
  • Brief to designer and architects
  • Promo and activation material

Strategy without tactics leads to paralysis. The Marketing plan is a simple tool that will help you defining the key elements of your go-to-market activation:

  • Pre-Purchase: Customers are still prospects
  • Purchase: Prospects show interest and become leads
  • Post-Purchase: Customers bought your product / service

We believe in creating bold digital campaigns that aim to win the hearts of people. We will identify the digital tribes that are the most profitable for your brand and we will create tailor-made campaigns leveraging human insights.

  • We create campaigns that are laser-focus on specific needs
  • We create viral-by-design content
  • We help you converting followers into customers

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand”. Starting from this premise, we created a set of workshops to help you (and your team) to think more human centric. Here some workshops examples:

  • Brand Assessment
  • Customer Profiling
  • Sales Negotiation


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