Human Centric Mindset


In H2H (Human-to-Human): every business is driven by humans

Marketing is the right mix of knowledge and vision fuelled by data

Brands should make people feel better about themselves

People forget what you told them, but never how you made them feel

Working hard, having fun and making history


Human Insight Specialized Marketing Agency

Human Centric Segmentation

Using Big Data we segment people based on attitudes, lifestyle and consumption behavior.

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Brand Strategies

The greater the emotional connection between a brand and customer, the more powerful the relationship.

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Marketing Plans

What can’t be measured will not happen. A clear, simple plan is the basis for success.

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Market Research

We are obsessed with discovering the WHY that drives people’s behavior.

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Marketing Training

Hands-on, exciting trainings aimed to inspire you to think human-centric and achieve tangible results.

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Digital Strategies

We will help you focusing on the relevant channels by creating an emotional digital communication that sells.

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In-Store Experience

It takes 3-5 seconds for a shopper to decide. We are experts in making sure purchase happens.

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Brands Who Took Human Centric Approach


Worked with 50+ of the best companies in the world


Inspired 10000+ marketing leaders through lectures, seminars & conferences.


Worked in 40 countries, 5 continents, with thousands of people.
In times of fragmented targets, media and interests, the ability to connect with real tribes can make all the difference.

Tiago Santos

General Manager at Danone

Putting customers at the centre entails benefits both for them and for retailers, increasing engagement within the purchase decision process.

Francesco Sodano

Head of Channel Marketing OM | Huawei Mobile Italia

Exploiting the human pain points is the first step to create more engaging brands.

Francesco Muglia

Vice President Global Marketing at Costa Crociere S.p.A.

Once you forget about consumers and you start thinking about humans, a whole range of new opportunities arises

Ricardo Travassos

Former CEO Coty Latin America

Human centricity helped us to understand how to connect our identity with the aspirations, worries and dreams of our new/potential candidates.

Marek Cała

Dean of Civil Engineering and Resource Management Faculty at AGH

Francesco Sodano

Huawei Mobile Italia

Francesco Muglia

Costa Crociere S.p.A.

Ricardo Travassos

Coty Latin America

Marek Cała

AGH University of Science and Technology

Tiago Santos


Human Centric case studies

Success Stories

Global dairy leader grew by leveraging local insights

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Understanding local occasions and needs to maximize portfolio impact

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