#NextGen Program

What you are applying to is the #NextGen Marketing Consulting Program: an intensive, 6-month program of accelerated growth across different countries, which will prepare you to effectively tackle the challenges of the strategic marketing consulting world.

We are looking for young (we won’t consider any applicant older than 30 y.o.) and motivated talents who cannot wait to give it all and accelerate their growth, preparing to rock the consulting world with an edge compared to other peers. Curiosity and proactivity are a must to succeed in our company. Only candidates who already have permission to live and work in the EU will be considered.

We are seeking two talented and enthusiastic marketing specialists, hungry for challenges, and with a bold and creative attitude, to include in our team. The full-time program will last 6 months and will help you to master our human-centric marketing methodology, improve your skills, and definitely step out of your comfort zone.

You will directly join our team in a 24/7 experience in Budapest, where you will live and work together with your colleagues and supervisor from a prime location in the city center (rent covered by HCG). If your final evaluation at the end of the program will be positive, you will be offered a long-term contract to work in a hybrid format (50% remote, 50% in presence) from Krakow (Poland) or Naples (Italy).

We are aiming to empower young talents by:

· Nourishing entrepreneurial attitude; at HCG we strongly believe in learning by doing; you won’t be relegated to doing side tasks, but you will instead contribute to delivering real, tangible value to clients since day #1

· Supporting talents at 360 degrees; the advantage of being a boutique agency is that we can maintain a cozy environment where everybody feels supported, inside and outside professional life. Everyone in the company can be easily reached, plus we guarantee regular one-to-one sessions to all new recruits to ensure a proper development

· Cultivating passions; we believe the best performers are those that have the possibility to work on what they love doing; that’s the moment in which you become hungry for tasks because you love to learn more about your passion. That’s why we always have broad conversations to understand what each talent wants to specialize in and try to assign tasks as close as possible to everyone’s personal interests

Program details:

· 6 Months, Full-Time

· Expected starting date: First half of September

· 24/7 program from Budapest: Rent covered by HCG

· € 500.00 monthly reimbursement for the whole length of the program

· After the 6 months program, if the new talent will get a positive final evaluation, he/she will be offered a long-term contract with a substantial pay raise, to work from either Naples (Italy) or Krakow (Poland)

If you are looking for fast growth with a learning-by-doing approach, if you like to work with clients within different product categories and countries, if you believe that marketing has the power to help people to feel better about themselves and about how they relate to others, then you have the perfect attitude to join us.

We are looking for the following skills: empathy, humbleness, resilience, passion, and strong determination. We want someone that loves to create strategies that solve companies’ problems and brands that conquer people’s hearts and minds.

It is not required an extensive marketing background, you will receive proper training and will have the possibility to learn our methodology already from the start improving day by day. Previous experiences in marketing are though positively evaluated.

You must be fluent in English and preferably also in Italian (speaking, writing, and listening). You must have basic marketing understanding (segmentation, targeting, positioning etc..)

Range of operations:

You will be involved in all our marketing consulting and execution activities, which include:

· Creative and strategic brainstorming

· Brand strategy set-up

· Store Concept Development

· Event concept development

· Social media strategy and execution

· Data analysis

· Powerpoint creation

· Day-by-day problem solving

Required knowledge and skill:

· Fluent English

· Preferably fluent Italian

· Understanding of basic marketing concepts such as brand, segmentation, and targeting

· Excellent interpersonal skills with a collaborative working style

· Proficiency with the most common Microsoft Office tools: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

· Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

· Willingness to accept feedback and challenge yourself

· Willingness to push the extra mile (hours flexibility and availability)

Additional Desirable Knowledge and Skills

· Web design (UX, UI, WordPress, HTML)

· Graphic Design (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign)

· Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro and others)

· Good copywriting skills and the ability to produce copy linked to strategy

· International experience

· Luxury market experience

· Knowledge of a third language would be a plus (in addition to English and Italian)

Company Description

Human-Centric Group is a well-capitalized start-up launched in October 2020 by two Marketing veterans, who for the past 10 years have been working (directly and indirectly) for some of the most successful global and local brands across 40 countries (and taught Strategic Marketing at several top-ranked MBAs across Europe).

The mission of Human-Centric Group is to spread actionable knowledge, both through strategic marketing projects (turning into long-term collaborations) and through hands-on executive-level marketing courses able to really change the way Managers look at Marketing.

We are consultants that do. We built some outstanding strategies in the past 10 years that led to double and even triple-digit growth. However, we must remember that the best strategy is worth nothing without proper execution. This is why driven by the continuous requests of our clients, we decided to expand our services providing as well a proper execution of the strategy developed together. By substantially investing in developing a highly skilled and prepared executional team, we are really putting the money where our mouth is.

Human-Centric Group Values:

Our values define our professional family and culture and represent what we sincerely believe in. They create a stronger working environment and lie at the heart of our continued success as an organization.

· Entrepreneurship – showing initiative and taking ownership of our own actions; getting results and keeping our promises

· Excellence – over-delivering on clients’ expectations is the standard, not an exception; creating bold solutions for our customers and putting quality at the heart of everything we do

· Dedication – we believe in hard work and are very skeptical about shortcuts. We are always willing to put in the extra effort and extra work (overtime or even in the weekend if needed) to ensure our clients get the highest possible value out of our collaboration

· Creativity – the only constant is the change. We believe in continuous formation, in challenging the status quo and we embrace and encourage all our people to take initiative, supporting them with the right resources and time to keep improving our products or to develop new ones

To apply send your application letter and CV to community@humancg.com